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Valentine Marshmallow Pops

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Easy Valentines Marshmallow Pops are chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick, decorated with adorable Valentine’s Sprinkles! Easy Valentines Marshmallow Pops are the perfect last minute Valentines Day treat

Valentine Marshmallow Pops

Valentine Marshmallow Pops

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’ve been looking for a fun and easy treat to make that the kids can send to school to share with their friends.

Marshmallow Pops are great, because they require just 4 simple ingredients to make. Place the marshmallows on a stick, dip in chocolate, sprinkle on some Valentine Themed Jimmies, and you’re all set!

Easy Valentines Marshmallow Pops are the perfect last minute Valentines Day treat, because they are a no-bake treat that can easily be created for large groups, and kids can help make them too!

Valentine Marshmallow Pops

Valentine Marshmallow Pops Ingredients

To begin, gather all of your ingredients so you have them all in one place.


Marshmallows (3 per pop)

Lollipop sticks

Melting chocolate or chocolate chips

Colored melting chocolate for drizzling (red, pink, white)


Valentine's Day Printable TagsOptional Packaging:

Valentine Tags Printable (best printed on white cardstock) {If you have problems printing, please email me and I can reply with the PDF in an email!).

Treat Bags

String or Ribbon


Valentine Marshmallow Pops

Find 3 marshmallows that are approximately the same size.  

Cut a whole in the middle of the bottom of the marshmallows with a knife.  

This will make it easier to thread the lollipop stick through the marshmallows.

PRO-TIP: Before dipping in chocolate, place your marshmallows in the freezer for about 10 minutes. This will help to protect them from the heat of melted chocolate, causing them to soften or melt on the stick.

Valentine Marshmallow Pops

After threading all the marshmallows on sticks, prepare your chocolate for melting.  

I used a long, shallow, oval shaped bowl to melt the chocolate.  Melt your chocolate chips or melting chocolate according to package directions.

I had melting chocolate on hand, so that’s what I used when creating the Marshmallow Pops shown.

I find it helpful to use a spoon to help cover the marshmallows completely with chocolate and also to smooth it out once it was on the marshmallows.

FAQ: Is it better to use chocolate chips or melting chocolates?

This really comes down to personal preference and the quality of the chocolate you are using.

My personal preference is to use melting chocolates, and I usually have them on hand in my pantry. 

High quality baking chocolate bars or chocolate chips also work well.

I buy my melting chocolate in bulk on Amazon, because I’m frequently making treats to share on the blog and to donate to the school for various reasons.

Should you decide to use chocolate chips, I suggest melting 1/2 tablespoon of shortening or coconut oil in with the chocolate chips, to thin it out and make it easier to dip the marshmallows.

Valentine Marshmallow Pops

FAQ: How do you melt chocolate?

ALWAYS follow the package directions for the type and brand of chocolate you are using.

Because I am frequently asked how I melt chocolate, I’ll share the most common way that I use. I want to reiterate though, that this method works for the brand of type of chocolate I most commonly use. If you’re using something different, the results may vary.

I prefer to melt chocolate chips in the microwave because it is so fast and easy. Place the chocolate chips in a microwave safe dish (I like to use a glass Pyrex measuring cup) and then microwave for about 45 seconds. Stir the chocolate chips gently and then return to the microwave for about 30 seconds. Stir again.

Valentine Marshmallow Pops

Once all of my Marshmallow Pops were thoroughly coated with melted chocolate, I decorated them.

For decoration, feel free to get creative! Sprinkles, Jimmies, and additional colors of melting chocolates work fantastic.

I have a variety of colors of melting chocolates in my pantry, so I melted a few colors (Wilton Red, Bright White, Bright Pink and Pink Candy Melts) then poured into Ziploc bags.

I cut the tip off the bag and then drizzled the candy over the marshmallow pops.

PRO-TIP: Make sure you only cut the very very tip of the bag. You only want a small hole to give yourself more control over the drizzle. Alternating colors, drizzle the melted candy melts over the Valentines Marshmallow Pops.

Be sure to put sprinkles on before the chocolate is fully dry or they won’t stick!

Lie the completed Marshmallow Pops on Wax or Parchment paper to dry or I sometimes stand them upright in Glass Mason Jars.

Valentine Marshmallow Pops

FAQ: Can Marshmallow Pops be made ahead of time?

Yes! Time is always short, so I will make Valentine’s Day Marshmallow Pops a day or so ahead of time. Just be sure to either store in an airtight container or go ahead and wrap them in cellophane as soon as they are dry.

Valentine Marshmallow Pops

When taking these to school, church, work, party, or anywhere, just wrap the dry marshmallow pops in cellophane wrappers. Print out the adorable Valentine’s Day Cards, punch holes in the corner, and attach with ribbon.

Valentine Marshmallow Pops

These marshmallow pops will stay fresh for a week or so.

You can also use Styrofoam inside a container to make a “bouquet” of Marshmallow Pops. 

PRO-TIP: Shop the After Valentine’s Day Sales at your local big box stores, drug stores, or craft stores to pickup themed cellophane bags, string, ribbon, etc. at phenomenal prices. Store in a clear, labeled container so you can easily find it next year!

This is such a fun project for kids to do. Let them express their creativity!

Valentine Marshmallow Pops

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Valentines Day Word Search

Yield: 12

Valentine Marshmallow Pops

Valentine Marshmallow Pops
Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • Marshmallows (3 per pop)
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Melting chocolate or chocolate chips
  • Colored melting chocolate for drizzling (red, pink, white)
  • Sprinkles


  1. Lay a piece of parchment paper on a clean flat surface. Find three marshmallows that are about the same size and thread them onto the lollipop stick – making sure the top marshmallow completely covers the top of the stick.
  2. Melt the chocolate chips or melting chocolate according to packaging directions in a shallow dish – using a spoon to stir and even out the chocolate.
  3. Gently dip one side of a marshmallow pop into the chocolate to coat.
  4. Slowly turn the marshmallow pop (using the spoon to even out the coating) into the chocolate to ensure all sides and the top is covered
    in chocolate.
  5. Lay the coated pop onto the parchment paper to dry.
  6. If using sprinkles, immediately add them while the chocolate is still melted.
  7. Continue this process until all marshmallow pops are coated in chocolate.
  8. While marshmallow pops are cooling, melt the colored melting chocolate wafers in separate small bowls according to package
    directions. Note: You may place the pops in the refrigerator to speed up the cooling process.
  9. Spoon each color of melting chocolate into its own sandwich bag, and push the chocolate toward one corner.
  10. Snip off a very small corner.
  11. Drizzle the chocolate, alternating between the varying colors chosen.
  12. If using valentine packaging:
  13. Place the marshmallow pops in the refrigerator for a few minutes while cutting out the valentine tags.
  14. Punch a hole in each tag in the top left corner.
  15. Write “To” and “From” on the back of the tags if desired.
  16. Remove the pops from the refrigerator and place one in a treat bag.
  17. Wrap string or ribbon around the base of the pop and thread it through the hole in the valentine tag at the front, tying a small bow to
  18. Your treat bag may be too long – if so, simply use scissors to cut around the bottom to the desired length and use that bag as a guide to cut the remainder of the bags before starting the next marshmallow pop’s packaging.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 29Total Fat: 1gSaturated Fat: 1gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 1gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 2mgCarbohydrates: 4gFiber: 0gSugar: 3gProtein: 0g

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These are a few items I find helpful in my own kitchen when creating these Easy Valentine Marshmallow Pops.

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Liz Berg

Tuesday 2nd of February 2021

YUM! These are so easy and my marshmallow loving kids are going to go crazy for them!!


Tuesday 2nd of February 2021

This is such a fun treat! My kids loved helping me make them. We will be making another batch to give to friends for Valentine's Day!!


Tuesday 2nd of February 2021

These are so fun and adorable. And easy enough for the kids to help!

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