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Meet Karen

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Welcome to When Is Dinner! My name is Karen. I have been married to my husband, Nick, for 24 years. Together, we have three boys: Aaron, Joshua, and Logan. We also have two adorable rescue dogs, Boomer & Cooper, and grouchy cat, Bella. When we first got married, Nick was in the military, so we’ve lived in several places across the country. He was medically discharged as a disabled veteran, and now works for a Civilian Company. We are currently living in the Metro Austin, TX area 🙂

About 12 years ago, my younger cousins began to get married and start families of their own. Several of them were struggling with learning how to cook, and follow our family favorite recipes. They’d often call me and we’d talk through it, but with young children at home we couldn’t do that every day. I have another blog I’ve written at for many years, so I thought it would be a good idea if I started a separate food blog where my friends and family could visit to get the recipes they were looking for, instructions on how to make it, and fun little tidbits of information like tips and tricks to help their meals turn out perfectly. Over time, that idea grew as they shared the recipes with others, and this evolved into a  food blog that many readers enjoy.

In our home, we eat home cooked meals three times a day, six days a week. I do try to plan one day of rest for me, where we eat leftovers or eat out. I’ve found it very helpful to meal plan so I’m only shopping once per week, which helps me save money on groceries. My slogan is “Because my kids are always asking me, “Mom, When Is Dinner”?! For those who know me in “real life”, you’ve likely heard them ask this multiple times 🙂


I had no idea when I first started this blog how much it would change my life! Many of my recipes are NOT sponsored, and the brands I used are mentioned, since I’m often asked for this information by my readers. They want to know the brand, to make sure their recreation turns out just like mine. Since 2011, I have been fortunate to have opportunities open up for me like becoming a brand ambassador, and working with national brands like Barilla Pasta, General Mills, Pillsbury, Gorton’s, and many more. I love partnering with agencies on sponsored posts, reviews, press trips and experiences for brands and companies that my family and I authentically use in our lives. I am open to being introduced to new brands, and incorporation their products into my recipes, to see how well they work for me. For more information & to see my MEDIA KIT, just visit my PR FRIENDLY page.


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