These are a few items I find helpful in my own kitchen when preparing this Easter Deviled Egg Recipe.

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  1. Vikki Billings says

    I really love the pastel colors, they make it looks so festive! I am going to do this for our Easter dinner. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Maryann D. says

    Easter Deviled Eggs is a fun and festive recipe for this time of year. I love the colors and this would be a special treat for Easter morning.

  3. LeAnn Harbert says

    I’ve never seen colored deviled eggs before. I think my granddaughters would like these for Easter dinner.

  4. Erin N says

    Yum! I love deviled eggs 🙂 It’s nice to have some Easter treats that aren’t chocolate (although chocolate is great, of course) Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  5. Gina Ferrell says

    I absolutely love this idea for Easter. I think I may do this for Easter this year. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Cynthia C says

    I’ve never put sugar in my deviled eggs and always thought they were missing something. I’ll have to try it.

  7. Abigail Gibson says

    I would always sneak in my grandmother’s refrigerator after she made a batch of deviled eggs. She was not too happy to find out that I ate a big portion of them before her church potlucks. So she started making an extra batch for me just for good measure. Thanks for the delicious recipe.

  8. Jan Lee says

    I love deviled eggs! My mom used to make them after Easter, with all the leftover eggs that the kids would find, lol She would make deviled eggs and then mash the rest up into egg salad 🙂 I never thought to dye the the white of the egg! That really makes having these for Easter really special. Thank you for sharing this idea and recipe 🙂

  9. Sherri says

    Deviled eggs are the best and this recipe looks like fun. I’d also like to try your jalapeno deviled egg recipe.

  10. Rosie says

    I never saw deviled eggs made in colors like this, and they are a pretty pastel – a fun way to get kids to eat them!

  11. sherry butcher says

    Great, love the colors you came up with, the pipping is really good too. Wish I had this years ago when my kids were at home, or my grand kids was visiting for Easter. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Saundra McKenzie says

    These are so cute. I would have never thought about dying the egg white part. Doing that this year.

  13. Mishelle G says

    Oh! These are so cute and springy!! What a wonderful idea for Easter dinner or dinner party! Very cute! Thanks!

    Mishelle G

  14. sheila ressel says

    What a clever idea! Our family loves deviled eggs and we have them ever Easter but this makes it so much more fun!

  15. Barrie says

    My husband goes crazy for deviled eggs! I LOVE your idea of dying the egg white part of the egg before filling them!

  16. Rae Nelson says

    New twist with the colors. How unique. Your yolk recipe about the same as mine except I add cubed pickles and pickle juice if too thick. Some kids don’t like the pickles though.

  17. Renea says

    That’s such a cool and festive spin to an old favorite recipe!! I’m going to do this colored eggs for my deviled eggs this easter.

  18. Debbie P says

    These eggs are AWESOME! I have never heard of this before but I am absolutely going to make them this Easter. Thanks for this recipe!!!

  19. maureen says

    what a darling way to get children and adults to have some protein and it be associated with Easter. I love deviled eggs though.

  20. Sharon Rooney says

    What a great idea, I never thought to put the peeled eggs into a colored mixture.
    These would look lovely on my Easter dinner table.

  21. Judy Cox says

    Of course, my great grandkids will love helping me with this recipe. They love when we color eggs. This is really neat looking!!!

  22. Jerry Marquardt says

    This fine recipe is going to make my Easter extra special. I thank you and your great blog for sharing!

  23. Linda Szymoniak says

    We really love deviled eggs at our house and these are beautiful! I would have never thought to color the cooked eggs after they were peeled. I definitely want to do this.

  24. Karen R says

    Deviled eggs are a family tradition on Easter. I like the idea of using food colors and piping the filling. That will make them extra special. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Amy Orvin says

    I never cared for devil’s eggs, but my brother and mom love them. I will share this with my mom so she can fix them for herself and Jason.

  26. Stephanie Larison says

    Wow, I love the bright colors! I made colored eggs all the time with the girls at Easter, not sure why I never thought about making deviled eggs while they’re colorful. Would make a cute plate for a get together with family. Very cute idea!

  27. Robin Abrams says

    These would be a hit for our Easter dinner. I may let my granddaughter make them for Easter this year. She is 10 and loves to cook

  28. Cindy Merrill says

    Instead of the sugar, try adding some shredded or finely minced parsnip to wake up these deviled eggs and give them a flavor boost.

  29. Linda Szymoniak says

    I was reading how to make perfect hard boiled eggs in my multi-cooker and now really want to try to cook them that way. What a great chance to also make these beautiful deviled eggs!

  30. Nicole Carter (Weasley) says

    These look delicious! What a clever idea to dye the actual inside of the egg! I’ve only ever do the outside! Love it!

  31. Debbie Campbell says

    My family loves deviled eggs, but I never thought about making them like this! What a really cute idea.

  32. Ashley Chassereau Parks says

    This is so fun and festive! My kids would love helping to make these! They would definitely look pretty on the Easter table too.

  33. Amy Green says

    I can’t get over how luscious the bright pastel colors are for the eggs! They remind me of the ‘Pretty Patties’ from the “Patty Hype” episode of “Spongebob SquarePants”.

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