Thin Mint Truffles

- Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies - cream cheese   - Wilton vibrant green candy melts - Wilton dark green candy melts - Dark green jimmies sprinkles - Bright green jimmies sprinkles



1. Place the Thin Mints cookies in a food processor and pulse into fine crumbs. Pour the crumbs into a medium mixing bowl.

2. Add the softened cream cheese. Mix well. (You may find it easier to just use your hands).

3. Cover and chill for 15 minutes for easier handling. Roll the chilled  cookie mixture into 1 inch balls and place on the lined cookie sheet.   Freeze for 10 minutes.

4. Melt about half a bag of each color of green candy melts in a double boiler or a Wilton melting pot. Dip each ball into the melted green chocolate and return to the lined cookie sheet.

5. Immediately sprinkle the truffle ball with the dark and light green jimmies.


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