Easy Painted Pumpkin Idea (Rae Dunn Inspired) + FREE Downloadable SVG

Since the Fall and Halloween Season is upon us, I decided to turn some inexpensive pumpkins into Rae Dunn Inspired Painted Pumpkins.

This is a simple and easy painted pumpkin idea for Fall that can be used throughout the Halloween and Thanksgiving Season.

This Easy Painted Pumpkin Idea is inspired by Rae Dunn! Painted Pumpkins make fun and simple Halloween Decorations.

- White Chalk Paint - Black Acrylic - Paint brushes - Rae Dunn word SVG  - Cricut Machine


To begin, paint each pumpkin using the chalk paint and allow to dry completely.

The Instructions for this Rae Dunn Inspired Painted Pumpkin are for the CRICUT Version.

Upload SVG into Cricut Design Space and select the file. If you’re not cutting all the words, ungroup the letters, then select which words you would like to cut.

Select all the letters in the word you will be cutting, then group those letters together. Resize the word to fit on your pumpkin. Letters for small Dollar Tree pumpkin should be 1 inch tall. Delete the remaining words. Weld the words together.

Cut the words on the black vinyl and weed the excess vinyl from around each word.

Place transfer tape over each word and transfer the vinyl to the front of each pumpkin, starting in the middle of the word and pressing outward to adhere the vinyl to the pumpkin.

Swipe up to read the complete instructions!

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