1. Trisha McKee says

    These are delicious, unique cookies that I would love to make for work potluck. We always have to make different cookies and these would be the hit of the office.

  2. Buddy Garrett says

    These cookies look delicious. I have never thought about using cake mix to make cookies. There are so many flavors of cake mix.

  3. Elizabeth Tarlow says

    What a fabulous idea! I’ve never used a cake mix to make cookies; these Strawberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies look so good! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I’ll be fixing them real soon!

  4. Christina Gould says

    I’ve never thought of combining strawberry with chocolate chip. That is very unique and looks like fun. Thanks for posting!

  5. Jerry Marquardt says

    How delightful the Strawberry White Chocolate Chip Cake Mix Cookies look! I can barely wait to try the recipe out for myself.

  6. Cindy Brooks says

    I’m not a fan of white chocolate. It should be a crime to even call it chocolate 🙂 I think I’d love these made with chocolate chips!

  7. Judy Cox says

    Those look so yummy and they are so pretty, they would look real good to take to a party or a shower. The kids would really like them!!!

  8. Carol Luciano says

    They sound and look so good. My grandkids would love these. Thank you. I love coconut & almond flavors.

  9. Mishelle Greening says

    I love cake mix cookie recipes – this one looks good except we can’t find the strawberry cake mixes here in the Maritimes – which is a gyp. BUT maybe with some freeze dried strawberries from the Bulk Barn it could be done almost like yours!!


  10. donna cheatle says

    I still haven’t jumped on board the cake mix baking revolution that seems to have happened in the last few years. Maybe it’s time to give it a try.

  11. Jan Lee says

    I love white chocolate. These look wonderful and easy to make! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I’ll be pinning it soon! 🙂

  12. Jerry Marquardt says

    I can barely wait to try out the Strawberry White Chocolate Chip Cake Mix Cookies for myself! They look so delicious.

  13. Jayne says

    While this combination sounds really sweet to me, I can think of some young people that would enjoy it.

    It looks very nice and festive for spring.

  14. Calvin says

    Really nice cookies, never made such cookie before, I think this recipe is awesome as I like white chocolate chip.

  15. Deborah W. says

    We love strawberry and white chocolate and this combination in a cookie sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to try them out and hope I don’t eat too many, ha. Thanks for idea!

  16. Amy says

    I love the contrast of the pink strawberry cookies with the white chocolate chips. The design is so cheerful and whimsical. These are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages! The flavor will overall have a Neopolitan-type ice cream kind of similarity.

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