Ham & Cheese Roll

2012-02-25 13.27.57

The kids & I usually have a sandwich for lunch most days, but they get bored with the same old white bread, cheese, and lunchmeat, so I try to switch things up from time to time. Recently, I decided to try a Ham & Cheese Roll.

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I took the package of Ham that I buy in bulk at Sam’s Club. There are many varieties, we prefer the brown sugar ham or Virginia baked ham. We’ve also tried the smoked turkey and it was delicious too!
2012-02-25 13.25.09

I placed a few slices of the Ham at a time in a hot skillet to warm it up for a few minutes (I LOVE warm ham!) Meanwhile, I warmed up some Sister Schubert’s Rolls (also from Sam’s) in the oven. I didn’t add any oil or anything, just the ham and turned on the skillet. Yes, my skillets are old (17 years!) so they have some scratches. We’ll call that character ­čÖé

2012-02-25 13.27.43
I sliced the rolls open, and placed the hot ham inside with some shredded cheese. You can also add your mustard, ketchup,┬ámayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, etc. ┬áMy kids just want ham and cheese (except the one who oddly doesn’t like cheese).

2012-02-25 13.27.57
And, we enjoyed some delicious Ham & Cheese Rolls! These were oh, so, good. Mmmmmm.

This is not a sponsored or endorsed post, rather just a quick and easy lunch idea that we tried and loved, so I thought I’d share it with you. We are always looking for quick and easy ways to change up our lunch routine, especially with sandwiches. The kids get bored and tired of the same old lunch meat on square bread. Sometimes I’ll use sub rolls, and I’ll write their names in mustard, ketchup, etc. which they think is funny, but eventually they want something NEW. Using rolls is a quick and easy alternative.

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